Last year I made a very quick website for SportSplash. They had limited time and resources, so it was just a static website in order to have something rather than nothing. This year with the swimming club running well, I was commissioned to make a proper website for them. SportSplash is a fully functional WordPress website for a swimming club. With a tight deadline of two weeks, I focused on building the essentials first. An attractive home page, a news page and most importantly a page to enroll in the various classes SportSplash offers. There are also two contact pages, one to just send a message or ask questions, and one to notify the admins of absences. Furthermore, the website has Facebook integration, both to show posts from the SportSplash Facebook page and to post news items to the Facebook page.

I was very free in the design and was trusted to make the right decisions. Rather than wasting any time on making a PSD design, I started building the website immediately. The theme is completely custom built for SportSplash using the latest web technologies like HTML5 and SASS as a CSS3 preprocessor.